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10 Finest Agatha Harkness Comedian Books Ever

Aubrey Plaza reportedly performs a villain within the upcoming Agatha: Coven of Chaos Disney+ collection. That character’s id possible unlocks the collection’ plot, which can borrow parts from Agatha’s finest comedian books. The highly effective sorceress options in iconic storylines that each one probably get translated into live-action.

Agatha’s historical past in Marvel Comics dates again to improbable 4 #94, which locations her entrance and heart in nice comedian e-book storylines that possible maintain the important thing to understanding what her collection will finally be about. Whereas most followers know Avengers Disassembled and Home of MAgatha’s funny story goes a lot deeper and affords extra prospects for the MCU.


10/10 Preventing Annihilus

Agatha Harkness arrives in comics as Franklin Richards’ potential governess. She shortly turns into far more as she proves in improbable 4 #109 and 110. This thrilling storyline pits the staff towards Annihilus, among the many strongest Improbable 4 villains, as he seeks to invade Earth from The Destructive Zone, permitting Agatha to indicate her energy.

Agatha casts a strong spell to show the tide again towards Annihilus and save the day. Provided that the supernatural and cosmic bump up towards one another within the MCU, it is not unreasonable that Agatha might encounter the villain in live-action.

9/10 Trapped In The Destructive Zone

Annihilus plots against Agatha Harkness in Marvel Comics.

Annihilus casts Agatha into The Destructive Zone for her interference, main the FF to rescue her. improbable 4 #140-141 contains a improbable and reliably trippy journey by way of the unusual dimension, together with one other epic showdown with the villain that demonstrates his energy.

Annihilus holds Agatha hostage however as soon as she will get free, she makes use of her magic to assist the staff escape again to Earth-616, although not with out some heavy penalties for all.

8/10 confronting ultron

Agatha Harkness uses Franklin Richards power to destroy Ultron in Marvel Comics.

Agatha’s shut connection to Franklin Richards, till lately a candidate for probably the most highly effective mutant in Marvel Comics, places her on the forefront of a number of tales. In improbable 4 #150, she makes use of her powers to unlock Franklin’s untapped potential to defeat Ultron-7 in a staggering battle.

Agatha’s energy towards top-tier Marvel supervillains like Ultron and Annihilus makes her perfect for the epic battles to return within the MCU, positive to contain epic villains like Kang The Conqueror.

7/10 Daughters Of Liberty

Agatha Harkness reveals she had Peggy Carter a spy on Captain America in Marvel Comics.

Agatha dates again to the Salem Witch Trials within the MCU and doubtless a lot earlier in historical past. That makes her stint in Captain America #26-30 compelling. She assists the Daughters of Liberty, a brilliant staff together with Peggy Carter and Shuri, towards the highly effective X-Males villain Selene.

The connections to Peggy and Shuri open fascinating doorways for tales within the MCU and Selene, an immortal mutant witch, might probably be the character Aubrey Plaza is enjoying in Coven of Chaos.

6/10 The Avengers/Defenders Struggle

The Avengers fight The Defenders in Marvel Comics.

The Avengers/Defenders Struggle occupies a spot among the many finest Marvel Comics crossover occasions and it results in a major waypoint in Agatha’s comedian e-book historical past. This epic battle between the Avengers and Defenders forces the Scarlet Witch to check her powers to their limits, resulting in Agatha coaching her in magic.

Agatha mentors Wanda within the mystical arts from Avengers #128, resulting in monumental penalties for the complete Marvel Universe and in some methods, the MCU, within the many years that adopted.

5/10 Brilliant Aspect

Agatha Harkness teaches a magical class in Marvel Comics.

Agatha Harkness’ MCU future would possibly lie in latest comics. She taught lessons within the mystical arts in Unusual Academyparticularly the Brilliant Aspect story arc from 2020. Agatha’s finest comics typically lean into her high quality as a trainer and these enjoyable comics see her coaching the following era.

The Unusual Academy probably seems within the MCU given Physician Unusual is turning into extra of a mentor himself, particularly with America Chavez. If extra supernatural customers seem, like Nico Minoru or others, it is smart for Agatha to serve in an academic function in future motion pictures or reveals. That assumes she makes use of her data and energy of her for good, although.

4/10 Preventing Her Personal Son

Agatha Harkness depowers Nicholas Scratch in Marvel Comics.

Agatha’s finest comics embody preventing her personal son, Nicholas Scratch. He performs a major function in Nineteen Eighties Improbable 4 comics, however the books that will show most fascinating for the MCU and followers of her see him return to take his revenge on her. improbable 4 #219-231 sees Scratch escape The Destructive Zone and attempt to possess Franklin Richards.

This results in a dramatic confrontation with a lot of emotional potential for the MCU. Agatha strips Scratch of her magical powers from her and decides to go to New Salem, a magic neighborhood, to steer in her stead.

3/10 Preventing Immortus

Agatha Harkness tries to free Scarlet Witch from Immortus' grip in Marvel Comics.

In Avengers West Coast #60-62, Agatha tangles with Immortus, maybe probably the most highly effective Kang The Conqueror variant. Immortus possesses the Scarlet Witch to leverage her standing as a Nexus Being to conqueror time. Agatha intervenes, utilizing her connection from her to Wanda to assist free her in a storyline very attainable within the MCU.

Wanda’s energy and potential within the multiverse make her an excellent goal for Kang within the MCU. Agatha might change into concerned, particularly if her comedian connections from her to The Destructive Zone, which is the Quantum Realm within the MCU, carry over.

2/10 Fragments Of Darkness

Master Pandemonium takes away Scarlet Witch's children in Marvel Comics.

Wanda’s heartbreak over her kids knowledgeable her actions in Physician Unusual within the Multiverse of Insanity. They stemmed from Agatha’s finest comics of her, which noticed her attempt to assist Wanda’s inconsolable grief of her. In Avengers West Coast #52, Wanda learns her twin sons aren’t actual however fragments of Mephisto’s soul.

Agatha casts a spell to make Wanda overlook that the youngsters ever existed. This act units up an much more tragic storyline when Wanda remembers the reality in Avengers Disassembled.

1/10 Darker Than Scarlet

The Scarlet Witch captures Agatha Harkness in Avengers West Coast comics.

Wanda breaks dangerous in the very best Scarlet Witch comics together with Avengers Disassembled and Home of M, however she truly went evil earlier. She turns towards her colleagues of hers, together with Agatha, in Avengers West Coast #55. Agatha tries to get by way of to her de ella, establishing a sample that continued by way of the comics in good and dangerous methods.

Agatha appeals to Wanda’s higher nature, which might be tough within the MCU given their relationship has to date confirmed extra antagonistic. Given so many Avengers West Coast characters and tales appear to be headed for live-action, this might occur.

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