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Best Anime Openings Of The Season, Ranked

Whenever a new anime season debuts, new shows aren’t the only thing that anime fans are looking forward to. Anime openings have always been a big part of the culture and community, and great openings can often be a sign of a great show.

Every anime season has brought with it a sea of ​​new openings for fans to vibe to, and the Summer 2022 season is no different. The Summer 2022 season in particular has brought with it a collection of stylish songs and visuals that hype viewers up for this new season of shows. These are some of viewers’ favorites.

10 “Ichiban Hikare! -Bucchigire-” (Shine On! Bakumatsu Bad Boys!)

This anthemic hard rock song performed by Takanori Nishikawa starts off in high gear and only continues to rise in energy as the track continues. The whole song is a bomb of energy that doesn’t slow down until it reaches the hits the chorus as the singer belts out “Bucchigire!”, the show’s Japanese title.

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Visually, this opening is a little weaker, as it doesn’t perfectly match the energy that the song brings. Still, it’s a very fun opening that definitely does its job of getting viewers pumped up for the upcoming episode.

9 “Break It Down” (Orient Part 2)

The second course of East is accompanied by a brand-new opening, and it’s just as good as the last one. The song is a duet featuring Sota Hanamura of boy band Da-ice and Lil’ Fang from girl group Faky, and it’s a power ballad that showcases their incredible singing abilities.

The visuals feature both returning characters from the last cour, and the new characters that are central to the Awaji Island arc that serves as the focus of this season. The opening is absolutely action-packed, which is a good preview of what fans can expect from the new episodes.

8 “Gyoko” (Lucifer And The Biscuit Hammer)

Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer was actually a manga that came out in the mid-2000’s, making it a lot older than the other shows that came out this season. The opening, performed by Half time Old, seems to reflect that, as it is reminiscent of the openings that used to come out in that era of anime, being an indie rock song with rather unique vocals.

While the song is very good, the opening is a little weaker on the visual side, featuring a montage of scenes taken directly from the anime along with a variety of still shots of characters. Still, the opening has a rather nice space aesthetic going on, such as the shooting star transitions that appear throughout.

7 “Alive” (Lycoris Recoil)

Pop duo ClariS is already well-known for doing songs for anime, and “Alive” is another entry in a long list of stellar openings. The song is a rather standard high-energy J-pop tune, featuring energetic synth and keyboard melodies alongside powerful vocals.

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The opening focuses largely on the two main characters, Chisato and Takina, as they live out their lives as Lycoris agents working at the cafe LycoReco. The opening particularly focuses on their opposing personalities while still managing to showcase their friendship and camaraderie.

6 “1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 LOVE” (Yurei Deco)

Throwbacks are always a lot of fun, and “1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 LOVE” by Clammbon is certainly a throwback to 80’s-era synthpop. The song features a booming, anthemic synth line backed by electronic drums.

However, the opening’s most eye-catching aspect is its visuals. Yuri Deco is a show with a very well-defined aesthetic, and that aesthetic is fully displayed in its opening, which features its cast dancing among a variety of vivid colors and bizarre imagery. This opening is easily one of the most visually impressive to have come out this season.

5 “Mujikaku no Tensai” (My Isekai Life)

Performed by pop rock group Non Stop Rabbit, the song starts with a bouncy guitar riff that immediately launches into a catchy tune. The song hits its climax when it reaches the chorus, where it turns into a powerful arena rock anthem, and the energy stays high until the song ends.

Visually, the opening features the main character Yuji as he goes on his various adventures, accompanied only by the monsters he has tamed during his time in another world. While the visuals are nothing special, they suit the energy of the song quite well.

4 “Dance In The Game” (Classroom Of The Elite Season 2)

Performed by J-pop singer ZAQ, “Dance in the Game” features a jazzy pop instrumental that is both energetic and danceable. The song builds up in energy until it arrives at the chorus, in which it explodes into a powerful anthem.

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Visually, the opening features various members of the cast as the lyrics of the song are scattered throughout. Though the visuals are somewhat abstract, they are effective at giving the song an extra punch, as well as displaying the mental nature of the show.

3 “Story” (Uncle From Another World)

Performed by singer Mayu Maeshima, “Story” is a pop-rock song that mixes melodic synth lines with hard rock guitar riffs. It’s topped off with some extremely powerful singing to create a song with a lot of energy and emotion.

While the song is great, this opening really stands out thanks to its visuals. It features the main character Yosuke Shibazaki in various game-like graphical styles as he shows his past adventures from the other world to his nephew. It fits the tone of the series very well and is the perfect accompaniment.

two “Date” (Call Of The Night)

Performed by hip-hop duo Creepy Nuts, “Daten” is a rather unique opening, featuring Latin-style horns and vocals before turning into a more conventional pop rock song by the chorus. The song also features a fake-out ending before launching into the chorus one more time, a move rarely seen in anime openings.

Visually, this opening is also great, featuring a surreal urban landscape in which the main characters float through. The opening features much of the ambient colors that the anime uses throughout its own show, recreating the nighttime aesthetic perfectly.

1 “Shall We Dance?” (Shadow House Season 2)

This supernatural anime series returns with a brand-new opening by ReoNa, who sang the first season’s ending theme. The song combines elements of classical music and jazz, fitting the series’s Victorian and Gothic aesthetic. During the chorus, the song briefly turns into a cheery pop tune before reverting to the classical style from the beginning.

The opening features the main characters Kate and Emilico as they explore the various mysteries of the mansion. While the opening is mostly cheerful, it also showcases a bit of the darkness that hides below the surface of this series.

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