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The Useless and the Lethal – movie evaluate The Useless and the Lethal

The Useless and the Lethal (1982)
Director: Wu Ma
Solid: Sammo Hung, Lam Ching-ying, Cherie Chung,
Language: Cantonese (with non-compulsory English subtitles or English dub)
Runtime: 139 minutes
Format: Blu-ray
Launch Date: twenty first November 2022

Jamie Havlin watches a supernatural martial arts comedy from Hong Kong, starring the legendary Sammo Hung.

Reuniting most of the key gamers of the groundbreaking and vastly profitable Encounters of the Spooky Type, Sammo Hung returned to the sphere of supernatural kung fu comedy with The Useless and the Lethal.

He produced, co-wrote the script and took on the lead function. He additionally helped out with the combat choreography however handed over the directorial reins to his pal Wu Ma. Sammo performs a none-too-bright however loyal younger man employed by his ‘Second Granduncle’, an ageing Taoist priest, performed by Lam Ching- ying, in his funeral paper art work (Zhizha) retailer.

Sammo’s character is mostly known as Fatboy, albeit to his lifeless buddy Ma Lucho (Wu Ma), he was all the time Dumb Boy. Political correctness wasn’t massive in Hong Kong cinema within the Nineteen Eighties or typically life. Should you’re angered by any suggestion of fatphobia, this would possibly not be for you. However keep in mind, Sammo himself was all the time completely happy to be taken to job for his giant girth of him in his motion pictures of him. He is undoubtedly the meatiest martial artist to look often in kung fu cinema and he is additionally often forged as a extremely likeable character whereas, better of all, he is clearly wildly athletic. You could possibly even argue that there hasn’t been an chubby star extra empowering within the final fifty years worldwide than Sammo.

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The film begins with some adultery (of kinds), a person pretending to be a ghost and an actual ghost. Minimize to Fatboy’s physique being discovered outdoors Uncle’s premises, the place it’s revealed he has simply had a nightmare: what we have now simply witnessed.

He’s to be married to Yuen, (Cherie Chung), an association devised by his father on his deathbed. ‘You have been engaged while you have been nonetheless in your moms’ wombs,’ Uncle reminds him, when he pleads for the plan to be dropped, as he believes she’s too good for him: ‘What good does it do for her to marry a person like me?’

That day, Shing, the mayor of the city, introduces Uncle to Li Yuet-ying, who was married to Ma Lucho. She’s eight months pregnant with Ma’s son apparently, that means Ma may have an inheritor. And whereas I do not need to give away an excessive amount of of the plot, it will likely be helpful to know that the rogueish Ma is just pretending to be lifeless, a part of a rip-off to assert his inheritance early, that’s being aided by Li Yuet -ying and her supposed older brother, who’s her actual husband.

Fatboy is unconvinced by the information of the being pregnant. We flashback to a go to that he and Ma made to a brother, the place it is revealed that Ma persistently suffered from impotence.

To research additional, he hatches a plan to cover in a single day within the funeral parlor disguised as a Taoist papier-mâché effigy of the type usually burnt at Chinese language funerals within the hope that this can assist make sure the lifeless take pleasure in a extra snug afterlife – and right here, I am going to simply point out that funerals in South East Asia will be very completely different from these within the West, to the extent that there is even a convention in China and Taiwan of households hiring strippers for funerals to assist enhance the variety of attendees! Certainly taking it a bit far there, guys!

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In order that evening, one pal pretends to be lifeless, whereas the opposite pretends to be an effigy. That is one unusual movie and it retains getting unusual, right through to a really weird ending involving frogs, beetles, a sanitary towel and a few inexperienced spirits – and I do not imply crème de menthe – along with Yuen marrying a purple rooster cock. Truthfully.

Believing he is been murdered, Fatboy checks Ma’s physique out however finds nothing untoward. Nonetheless suspicious, he vows to return the next evening to carry out an post-mortem on him.

It is time for Ma and his con artist cohorts to make sure that Fatboy would not try to satisfy his promise and presumably finish their ruse.

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Hopes have been excessive for the same essential and box-office success however The Useless and the Lethal did not win over audiences the way in which that Encounters of the Spooky Type had or that Mr. Vampire would go on to do – with Sammo once more producing and Lam Ching -ying taking part in a Taoist priest.

It perhaps suffers from trying to mix too many genres together with too many storylines that do not cohere collectively that solidly.

Is it scary? Not remotely, however this facet of the film is just employed to assist spotlight the comedy and supply some color.

Is it humorous? In locations, very, corresponding to when Fatboy swallows some aphrodisiacs and even feeds one to a cockatoo. They work, with amusing results on each. Demonstrating his expertise for bodily comedy, the ridiculousness of Fatboy disguised as a paper effigy made me chortle too. Loudly. At different instances, the humor can fall flat, corresponding to with utilizing not one however two cross-eyed ‘comedic’ characters, one dim-witted, the opposite an alcoholic.

What in regards to the motion? It is very good, particularly within the second half, however there is not that a lot of it.

Sammo Hung, Lam Ching-ying and Cherie Chung (though she’s underused) all shine, and the particular results have been typically spectacular contemplating the movie is round forty years outdated and made on the type of finances that will probably solely match the day by day spend on meals on the typical Marvel blockbuster of in the present day.

Okay, I am in a tiny minority however I might moderately see The Useless and the Lethal than any of superhero motion pictures of current years. It is flawed however often unbelievable enjoyable and I am glad to have lastly seen it.

Particular options embody a restricted version O-Card slipcase that includes new art work by Darren Wheeling; a brand new function size audio commentary by Frank Djeng & Michael Value and one by Mike Leeder & Arne Venema; a featurette ‘Sammo Hung on the 2016 Udine Far East Movie Competition’ and a collector’s booklet that includes new writing by James Oliver.

For extra on the discharge, click on right here.


All phrases by Jamie Havlin. Jamie has written a few brief movies screened on British TV and at worldwide festivals and he often contributes to the glam rock fanzine Wired Up! Extra writing by Jamie will be discovered at his Louder Than Battle writer’s archive.

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